King Lear

fortyfivedownstairs | July/August 2021

Melbourne Shakespeare Company’s moving contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy – King Lear is a tender, violent, and intimate exploration of old age portrayed in all its vulnerability, pride, folly and wisdom.


"Melbourne Shakespeare Company’s production of King Lear is an intelligent and enjoyable interpretation of this classic." - theatrepeople

"Casting legendary Melbourne veteran Evelyn Krape in the title role is an inspired choice, both for the impact of seeing a female play the type of role that would once have only been written for a man but also for the sheer depth of her acting skills." - simonparrismaninchair


Evelyn Krape, Isabella Ferrer, Claire Nicholls, Annabelle Tudor, John Reed, Matthew Connell, Don Bridges, Johnathan Peck, Kayla Hamill, Augustin Tchantcho, Kevin Hopkins, Anthea Davis, Andrew Dang