Image: Burke Photography


In March 2017 we presented The Comedy of Errors. This production had big costumes, big songs and of course, big slapstick.

We spent two weekends in Brunswick performing nine shows to over 500 people who came across Australia to see it. The performance took place outdoors at Siteworks with matinee and evening performances. 

The Comedy of Errors was produced and performed by 

May Jasper, Jaqueline WhitingNathaniel Schneider, Johnathan Peck,  Andrew Isles,, Ryan Smedley,Annabelle Tudor, Madeleine StewartNicola BowmanKhisraw Jones- Shukoor, Bridget Sweeney, Hunter Perske, Aden Beavis, Lelda Kapsis, Mitch Ralston, Lucy Best & Patrick Hill. 

Melbourne Shakespeare Company would like to thank Melbourne Opera Company, Melbourne Theatre Company, Burke Photography, Siteworks, Lightworks Studios, The Production Company and Footlight Productions Victoria. 


This is Dreamworks Animation, done right and at its peak. And this is Melbourne Shakespeare Company creating something that is uniquely its own.

- Shakespeare Oz

I rarely get the chance to commend a production for all its elements, but The Comedy of Errors is perfection. The cast delivered with humour and panache in such synchronicity that their talent coupled with the direction of the performance provided an unprecedented professionalism (other companies should take note).

- Theatre Press


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