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Melbourne Shakespeare Company

Melbourne Shakespeare Company was founded in 2016 by Jennifer Sarah Dean with the aspiration of making Shakespeare and the theatre accessible to everyone in Melbourne.  Since then we have built a reputation for excellence by producing outstanding contemporary adaptations of Shakespeare’s plays in relaxed outdoor settings across Victoria. In 2020 the we expanded our repertoire to include studio productions, the development of new Australian work, family musicals, radio plays, workshops and much much more. 


We are proud to have gained recognition both nationally and internationally for our ground breaking productions, commitment to sustainable practises and inclusive policies and strive to continue to be industry leaders in Melbourne's Independent Theatre scene. 


At Melbourne Shakespeare Company we strive to foster an environment where everyone feels welcome, acknowledged and valued. We aim to produced the highest quality work the that celebrates our culture and community and helps to put Melbourne on the map as the arts capitol of Australia. 

Our Mission

Our mission is to make theatre accessible to everyone in Melbourne, producing annual outdoor and mainstage contemporary Shakespeare productions, educational programs, family productions and co-productions with other independent artists.  We strive to attract a new audience to the theatre and  in doing so engage and inspire local communities to connect with the arts in a meaningful way.

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Development and Sustainability

In 2019 Melbourne Shakespeare Company committed to trying to become one of Australia's first sustainable theatre companies. We use recycled, reclaimed and reused materials for our props and sets, and try to employ sustainable practises throughout all of our rehearsal and performances.  Click to view Melbourne Shakespeare Company's Sustainability Policy.

Media Coverage

Melbourne Shakepseare Company were featured on ABC News for being one of Australia’s leading theatre companies in developing sustainable and environmentally considered theatre practises and we continue to strive to be leaders in this field. 

Audience Reactions to Past Works


“The cast delivered with humour and panache in such synchronicity that their talent coupled with the direction of the performance provided an unprecedented professionalism (other companies should take note)." – Theatre Press

“I can say nothing else except this is completely unmissable. You will not see a better Shakespeare production for years to come”  - Planet Arts Group 

“Melbourne Shakespeare Company’s production of As You Like It is a reminder of everything that we love about outdoor theatre in the summertime.★★★★★” - Theatre People

“Melbourne Shakespeare Company delivers their most powerful production yet, with Comedy of Errors maintaining the energy and vibrancy of their previous productions and taking it to almost surreal heights." – Shakespeare Oz

“Melbourne Shakespeare Company has taken an extremely jovial and energetic approach to the text and infused it with wry humour, great slapstick comedy and endearing musical interludes. The combination makes the show a powerfully entertaining piece of theatre.” - Stage Whispers

“This is a laugh out loud production, a comedy in all its glory. A triumphant production.” - Theatre Press

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