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With the easing of restrictions in Victoria from 11.59pm this evening,  we are pleased to announce that we will be running a very limited season of 5 performances of King Lear from the 29th July - 1st August as well as a two week digital season from the 4th - 18th August. 

Photographer: Chelsea Neate

We want to thank everyone for all of their support and patience over the last few months. As many of you know our production of King Lear has had to cancel 17 performances across the May/June and July lockdowns which has been extremely difficult for everyone involved, however the ongoing support we have received from our community has been incredible. 


" Evelyn Krape is majestic as Lear. 5 stars" - Arts Hub

"Melbourne Shakespeare Company’s production of King Lear is an intelligent and enjoyable interpretation of this classic." - theatrepeople

"Casting legendary Melbourne veteran Evelyn Krape in the title role is an inspired choice, both for the impact of seeing a female play the type of role that would once have only been written for a man but also for the sheer depth of her acting skills." - simonparrismaninchair

"I found Krape's strong performance as a person of power was not bound to gender, but to her skill and experience as an actor." - weekendnotes

Cinematographer, editor: Oscar Axel Thorborg

insta: @oscar.axel.t  email: 


Artistic Director


Set Designer

Stage Manager

Lighting Designer

Sound Designer

Costume Designer

Fight Director

Michael Mack

Jennifer Dean

Ayesha Gibson

Hayley James

Teri Steer

Alex Blackwell

Ben Keene

Aislinn Naughton

John Reed

King Lear













Evelyn Krape

Isabella Ferrer

Claire Nicholls

Annabelle Tudor

John Reed

Matthew Connell

Don Bridges

Johnathan Peck

Kayla Hamill

Augustin Tchantcho

Kevin Hopkins

Anthea Davis

Andrew Dang

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A Note from the Director Ayesha Gibson

Studying and editing King Lear in the midst of 2020 lockdowns and worldwide chaos was an interesting experience to say the least. I couldn’t help but draw parallels between the instability of a man determined to shun responsibilty but maintain his title and many of the most powerful people in the world. While they may not wear crowns and wield scepters there is a specific hierarchy and regality for our leaders today, hence Lear’s corporate motif - our new world order taken to its monarchal extreme. It has been a privilege to bring this world to life with an exceptional cast of actors, they have enriched this edit with their passion for the original text. I hope that their performances will show you that there is strength and softness in some of the most unexpected places, and that we must seek these out to survive the madness.

Q&A with Evelyn Krape

Why should people come see the show?

Why did you want to play King Lear?

What is your favourite scene from Lear?

Melbourne Shakespeare Studio

Melbourne Shakespeare Company’s moving contemporary adaptation of Shakespeare’s greatest tragedy – King Lear is a tender, violent, and intimate exploration of old age portrayed in all its vulnerability, pride, folly and wisdom.

King Lear sees two ageing fathers – one King, one courtier – misjudge the loyalty of their children, catapulting them both into a violent power struggle that forces them to realise their false values and confront their own humanity.

Forget what you think you know about Melbourne Shakespeare Company this hard hitting, contemporary adaptation is the first in our new Melbourne Shakespeare Studio collection. These works are not family friendly and seek to explore some of the darker pieces from Shakespeare's repertoire. Under the direction of Ayesha Gibson, King Lear is a raw and relevant exploration of one of the greatest tragedies of all time. 

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