Joshua Bell

Fight Director

Josh Bell (he/him) is a performer, theatre maker and apprentice fight director, currently journeying under the mentorship of fight director Lyndall Grant. He is an assistant fight director at Captivate Action and is a member of the Society of Australian Fight Directors. He is a Theatre Practice graduate of the Victorian College of the Arts (2016).
Josh’s work in fight arrangement includes ‘3 O’Clock Flagpole’ (Dreamhouse Theatre 2021); ‘Cloud 9’ (VCA, 2021); ‘Everyone is Famous’ (Riot Theatre 2021); ‘The Cane’ (Red Stitch Theatre 2021); 'The Human Voice Project' (Periscope Productions 2021); 'Stockholm' (Et Tu Theatre, 2019); 'Monkey' (Dreamhouse Theatre Company, 2019); and 'Apparitions' (Cinema Viscera, upcoming release). Additionally, he has facilitated stage combat workshops for St Martins Youth Theatre, Melbourne Opera, Footscray College and Wesley College.