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MSC Radio Plays

During the Melbourne lockdown in 2020, we collaborated with the Victorian Theatre Company to produce our first radio play. This new and exciting medium allowed us to explore Shakespeare's plays in a whole new way, allowing us to focus on the beauty of the language, the imagery and creating an immersive audio experience for the audience.  


Our first audio production of Hamlet will be released for download through the Victorian Theatre Company website. 

MSC Hamlet.png


The Radio Play

This dynamic production is an immersive, sonic experience featuring some of Australia's finest actors, an original score by Thomas Kunz and a vivid soundscape that will transport the listener into the rich world of this dark tragedy.


This authentically australia production of Shakespeare's most famous play features Matthew Connell as Hamlet, supported by Mark Wilson, Evelyn Krape, Brain Lipson, Emily Goddard and Robert Menzies. 



Kurtis Lowden

Assistant Director

Matthew Connell

Associate Director

Jennifer Sarah Dean

Audio Production

Thomas Kunz

Photography & Videography

Jak Scanlon

Visual Design

Chelsea Neate

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