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Grace Ferguson

Composer & Sound Designer

Grace is a classically trained pianist, composer and educator based at Eastmint Studios in Naarm, Australia. Developing her process and artistic language has emerged in recent years though various arts projects including; experimental film ‘Breath’ in collaboration with photographer Rudi Williams (2022); new Australian theatre work ‘On The Beach’ directed by Kip Williams, STC (2023); feature film ‘Foe’ directed by Garth Davis (2023); devised theatre work ‘We All Know What is Happening' by Samara Hersch and Lara Thoms (2017-2019) in collaboration with sound designer Marco-Cher Gibbard; ‘Grace’ directed by Sarah Goodes, Redstitch (2022); 'Patterns of the Afternoon’ directed by Maddelin McKenna, MIFF (2022); dance works ‘That Which Once Was Familiar’ (2021) and 'Waves are Disturbances’ (2021- ongoing) by choreographer Zoe Bastin, as well as numerous new music works for Australian and international releases including solo LP release ‘Voler' (2020). As an active solo and ensemble live musician, Grace has had the opportunity to experiment and foster collaborations with a diverse range of musicians in live and recorded music contexts. Drawing from these experiences and varied music styles, she coalesces composed and improvised material for performances ranging from classical recitals at the Melbourne Recital Centre to experimental sets as part of Make It Up Club’s program.

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