In 2021 Melbourne Shakespeare Company returned to the St Kilda Botanical Gardens  with our larger than life musical production of The Comedy of Errors. This adaptation was a fairytale farce of everyday miracles, mistaken identity and double vision, directed by comedy master Ben Adams and staring some of Australia's finest Shakespearean actors.  

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"A great showcase of comedic physical Shakespeare that is accessible to all ages." - Australian Stage

"A powerfully entertaining piece of theatre" - Stage Whispers

"A production not-to-be-missed.  5 STARS" - Theatre People


Cinematographer, editor: Tim Smith

General Manager
Artistic Director / Marketing
Stage Manager
Assistant Stage Manager
Wardrobe assistant
Set / Props
Musical Director

Michael Mack
Kate Weston
Jennifer Dean 
Ben Adams
Teri Steer 
Chiara Ciulli
Aislinn Naughton
Freyja Black
Hayley James 
John Reed
Benjamin Colley

Dromio of E
Dromio of S
Egeon / Pinch
Officer / Luce
Antipholus of S
Antipholus of E 
Duke Solinus 

Joanna Halliday
Anna Francesca Armenia
Nicola Bowman 
Jacqueline Whiting
May Jasper
Bridget Sweeney
Sarah Wynen
Adam Canny
Sebastian Li 
Tref Gare
Jake Tolich
Johnathan Peck
Callum Mackay
Augustin Tchantcho

Ben Adams - Director_edited.jpg


A Note from the Director Ben Adams

In January 2017, Jen came to me and asked if I knew how to write barbershop music. My eyes widened, my internal deer-in-the-headlights let out an anxious squeak, and I heard my mouth say "yes, of course!" I bit off more than I could chew, so I just chewed like hell. What proceeded was one of the most challenging, wild, exciting, and ultimately rewarding shows I have had the privilege to put my name to. That show was The Comedy of Errors.


Earlier this year, Jen came to me and asked if I wanted to direct The Comedy of Errors. My eyes rolled back in my head, that internal deer dropped dead from shock, and I heard my mouth say "yes, of course!" So here I am, chewing again. What else could I say? Who wouldn't leap at the chance to catch that same lightning in a bottle? 


And the time could not be riper for some error-ridden Comedy. Our humanity has had a rough 18 months - starved of touch, connection and community - and I can think of no better soul food than comedy, chaos, and joyous theatre. A more studious scholar might ruminate on the play's depictions of barbarity, its championing of love over lust, or Ephesus's strict border controls, but I'll settle for this: this show makes me giggle, snort, chortle and cheer - I sincerely hope you do the same.