Frequently asked questions

1) Where are the team based?

Europe, UK and America

2) Are the team doxxed/KYC?

We are not currently doxxed but have future plans to KYC in order to comply with part of our roadmap when required.

3) How many team members are there?

We have 4 people in the team, all of which are equal members. We believe in no power structure but that the best decisions are a group effort.

4) Are there team wallets?

No, but as a token we have a marketing wallet to keep producing for our community. We will open a donation wallet for the community to contribute also. We have a dev wallet containing 2.5% of the team supply.

5) Is there a whitelist or private sale for FloKishu?

No, we decided to move straight to a Pre Sale completely 100% public.

6) What are the rewards?

Rewards are paid hourly in BUSD to all holders which have the minimum number of tokens required (20 million)

7) Can I be a moderator and join the team?

As we grow, we will require community members to step us and work with the team and be a valuable contributor. Please DM one of the admins if you wish to be considered.

8) Has the team done any previous projects?

One of the team was one of the key people on a token that reached over $15m MC earlier this year, everyone else has been admins and mods on other projects but this is the first full team project.

9) What’s the utility of the token?

We will have a working dex coming soon as you can see elsewhere in our website. We are also working on rolling out the scheduled parts of our roadmap. Primarily we are a meme token but as you can see, we will also have really cool utilities!