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Directed by Chelsea Matheson

The Tempest

Central Park, Malvern

MARCH 2023

The Tempest tells the story of a man scorned. Cast out to a distant island, Prospero waits and plots how to enact his revenge. When a ship appears in the distance, containing the very people who wronged him, Prospero must control the elements and bend the ocean to his will to bring these traitors to shore. Once there, the jubilant survivors quickly realise not everything is as it seems. Tackling what is widely known as one of Shakespeare’s greatest plays is a cast of thirteen accomplished artists, including Aram Geleris as Prospero, Katherine Pearson as Ariel, Liliana Dalton as Miranda and Michael Sakinofsky as Caliban. This stellar cast guarantees a wild ride across the high seas with touching performances, high-octane musical numbers and a whole lot of fun.

"The live rock band performances of hits by a talented cast of actor musicians ensures a wholly unique and accessible production" - MilkBarMag

"This company is adding diverse elements to Shakespeare’s heady language and this performance is lively, energised, involving and satisfying." - StageWhispers

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