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We are pleased to announce that our free Summer workshop series is back by popular demand. Want to brush up on your Shakespearean verse? Learn the skills required to perform in one of our productions? Or practise your audition technique? Sign up to one of our workshops and start flexing those acting muscles today! All workshops are free of charge but space is strictly limited so we advise booking early to avoid disappointment. 


Scenes from Shakespeare

Saturday 25 February &  Sunday 26th February 2023

This interactive 90 minute workshop explores the skills and techniques used to perform Shakespearean text and take it from the page to the stage. During this session you will explore different methods and techniques you can use to bring the text to life.


Audition Technique

Sunday 26th February 2023

This interactive  90 minute workshop allows you to present a Shakespearean monologue of your choice to a professional director and receive feedback and coaching to prepare you for your next audition.

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Comedy in Shakespeare

Saturday 25 February 2023

Perfect for performers who are keen to work with Melbourne Shakespeare Company in the future, this  interactive 90 minute workshop focuses on how to perform the comedy in Shakespeare's plays in our iconic style.

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